Daniel Tackney - DiGrazia

Daniel Tackney-DiGrazia was born in Ridgewood, NJ on December 2, 1985. He attended Hillsdale, NJ public schools and graduated from Pascack Valley High School in 2004. He graduated from William Paterson University, NJ in 2010 with a BFA with a minor in Art History. He studied painting under Kikuo Saito and Larry Poons. In 2011 he moved on to be Larry Poons’s Teaching Assistant at The Art Students League of New York City;


Ever since Daniel was old enough to put pencil to paper he has been drawing. From a very young age he wanted to be an artist and inventor just like Leonardo da Vinci. He grew up drawing like crazy and building everything imaginable with wood. Lacking formal art education did not slow him down or detour him from doing what he loved doing. Daniel created art on his own without instruction until late in high school career.


It was in his senior year that he took his first art classes. Developing fast as an artist he went on to design Tattoo artwork, Band Logos, Flyers, and portraits. It was at the end of high school that he had made the decision to commit to a career in art and pursue further art education.


Daniel attended SVA (The School of Visual Arts) in New York City to get his feet wet in the art world. He ended up loving and hating his experience and yet it still felt to him that he was 100% on the right path for his life. He went on to apply to William Paterson University Art Department. Lacking good grades from high school and a high class rank it was his strong portfolio that got him excepted to the university.


Daniel Tackney – DiGrazia was well versed in Illustration and drawing at the time he entered college. He never attempted to do any painting in his life but he is very skilled with spray paint. Daniel never put paint to canvas until his second year of college in 2006. This was when he found a new artistic passion. Not only did he love sculpture and building things he now fell in love with the paint brush. As college went on he developed into a Figurative Sculptor and an Abstract Expressionist Painter. He grew to admire more artists other then da Vinci. He became influenced by Larry Poons, Kikuo Saito, James Brooks, and Willem de Kooning,